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Our Story

Centuries of Decadence

Welcome to our world of artisanal delights, where passion meets precision in crafting small-batch roasts of coffee and cacao. We're dedicated to redefining your palate through the perfect blend of sustainability, uniqueness, unparalleled quality, and rich, unforgettable flavors. Every bean and pod we source tells a story of ethical practices and environmental responsibility, ensuring each sip and bite embodies our commitment to a better world. Join us on a journey where every cup is an exploration of taste and conscious indulgence!

Our story began centuries ago when our ancestors revered coffee and cacao beans as both currency, with which to trade for necessities and luxuries, as well as a means to medicinal benefits and spiritual enlightenment. 

Our founder's Mayan and Middle Eastern roots embody the cornerstone of our dedication to traditions, paying tribute to the heritage of our Ancestors and pouring it into every cup.

Coffee Plantation
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